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Guided tour in English -In the woods of Vissefjärda

Antamåla rör, the impressive stone cairn that once marked the border to Denmark. The 11 meter high and 150 meter long cairn evokes wonder even now. Modern science and research have given us the answer to how this awe inspiring cairn came to be. But humans have always had their own explanations to peculiar landmarks in the nature.

We look back on how it was to live here once upon a time. The folklore and legends from a time when people thought it was just as possible to meet a wolf, as it was to meet a troll in the forests. About the gigants and trolls.

Here we cross the border to Blekinge county  but som centuries ago this was the country border between Sweden and Denmark. This were dramatic years in history of the people in the cottages here in the woods and villages . We will talk about Nils Dacke, a Swedish freedom fighter and peasant leader from the 16th century, who started a rebellion against the Swedish king Gustav Vasa.

We will talk about the numerous stone walls of Småland, a county known for beeing very rocky. All these rocks were once left here by the last ice age, 14000 years ago.

A guided tour in the woods of Småland and Blekinge

Next date

Monday, July 10th at 10AM. Antamåla rör, the impressive stone cairn that once marked the border to Denmark. History, tales and folklore

We will walk gravel roads and forest trails.

The tour is 3km and takes approx. 2hrs


We prefer swish or cash (please have the exact amount available, as we dont carry change) Card can sometimes be tricky to use in the woods due to bad reception



To be booked the evening before the date of the tour at the latest.

Booking is done through text message. / Send an SMS to +46(0)706271401 and wait for confirmation and information regarding where the tour group meets.

Åsa Halin, Guide and Storyteller


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